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The Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS) is today the oldest voluntary professional organization devoted to study and research in Philippine history. It was officially organized on February 2, 1941 when its constitution and by-laws were approved, with the organization initially called the Philippine Historical Society. While this was the first organization of historians in the country, there were other similar groups that actually preceded it, like the Asociación Histórica de Filipinas, founded by Felipe G. Calderon in 1905, and the Sociedad Histórico-Geográfica de Filipinas, founded in 1916 or 1917 by a group led by a Filipinist named Carlos A. Sobral. Both groups went defunct after just a few years, although they managed to publish some issues of the Revista Histórica de Filipinas and Boletín, respectively.

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What We Do

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The PNHS is proud of the tradition, begun in 1978, of holding its national conference on local and national history in pursuit of its mission to expand the frontiers of historical research in the Philippines. These conferences have been held all over the archipelago in an effort to bring to teachers and students of history the most recent researches on local and national history and related disciplines, not only by national historians, but more especially by local historians. Most of our members keep in touch via our active Facebook group.

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