The Marcos era has been the target of numerous critical studies and investigations in recent years as a result of various controversies. In this online conference to be held from 28 February 2023 to 1 March 2023, our keynote speaker will shed light on the major issues associated with the Marcos regime and address how various lines of research have dealt with them.

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This event will focus on how history can be approached and interpreted when dealing with controversial events such as the Martial Law regime under President Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. Discussions will center around the ways in which historians have grappled with the issue so far and how further work can shed new light on what actually happened during the Marcos era, as well as the various interpretations and beliefs that surround it.

Join us as we explore various approaches, evidence, and contestations surrounding the Marcos period, focusing on developing a more nuanced understanding of this crucial era in Philippine history. Our program features esteemed scholars and researchers from diverse fields, each bringing unique perspectives to the discussion.